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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Next-generation cloud infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an IaaS that delivers on-premises, high-performance computing power to run cloud native and enterprise company’s IT workloads. OCI provides real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle’s autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless compute. Available for public cloud.

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Available on demand, compute instances provide developers with the foundation and scalability required for entreprise workloads

Throuhg on- demand local, object, file, block, and archive storage, Oracle cloud addresses key storage workload requirements and use ceses.

Cloud networking products and services allow you to manage and scale your networks.

Gain comprehensive business intelligence with augmented analytics to help your organisation grow through unique insights.

Oracle application development developers looking for an open, integrated application development platform can use oracle cloud to easily build modern, intelligenr applications.

Oracle content and experience is a cloud antive content management platform that offers powerful collaboration, workflow management, and machine-learning-based tagging and authoring recommendations

Accelerate your digital transformation with preintegrated connectivity to oracel as well as third-party SaaSand on-premises apps, run-ready process automation tamplates, and a intuitive visual app builder.

Oracle provides visibility and machine lerning-driven actionable insightd to ease management across all layers of the stack deployed on any technology, anywhere.

Oracle cloud infrastructure delivers a more secure cloud to our customers, building trust and preotecting their most valuable data.


Oracle Software

Oracels database offers market- leading performance, scability, reliability, and security, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Jva is the #1 preogramming language and development platform. It reduces costs, shortens devalopment timeframes, drives innovaton, and improves application services.

An open and complete operating environment, oracle linux delivers virtualisation, management, and cloud native computing tools, along with the operating system, in a single support offering


Oracle Hardware

Oracle hardware includes a full-suite of scalable engineered systems, servers, and storage that enable enterprises to optimize application and database performance, protect crucial data, and lower costs. IT managers accelerate digital transformations with automated operations and exclusive features that improve database performance, lower software license costs, and simplify management.

Oracle exadata is the best place to run oracle database, simplifying digital transfromations, increasing database performance, and reducing costs.

Featured Products

Featured Products

Reduce operational costs by up to 90% with a multimodel  converged database and machine learning-based automation for full lifecycle management.

Oracle offers a complete portfolio of cloud services that helps public sector leaders outpace change and deliver a smarter, more connected, and secure government.


Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications is the world’s most complete, connected SaaS suite. By delivering a modern user experience and continuous innovation, we are committed to your success with quarterly updates across your entire business: finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, advertising, sales, customer service, and marketing.

Gain resiliance and agility, and position yourself for growth.

Gain the agility and insights you need to outperform in any market condition 

When things cahnge fast, oyu can be prepared with systems taht improve resilience and help you plan for success beyond your next move.

Natively build for the cloud. Oracle fusion cloud HCM is a complete solution connecting every humen resource process from hire to retire.

Make every customer interacton matter by connecting all your busness data across advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, and service.

Oracle marketing is the most comprehensive, integrated marketing solution available to launch cross-channel marketing programs and unify all prospect and customer marketing signals in a single view.

Oracle sales guides sellers with intelligent recommendations to help them focus on the most valuable prospects at the righ time.

Oracle services gives the ability to predict the need for service, automate processesna nd deliver tailores responses, while balancing self-service and assisted customer service models.

In today’s fast-paced, unpredicatble, digital world, it’s not enough for marketers to identity relevant customer audiences online. Now they’re tasked with answering more and more questions about investments

Industry Applications
On-Premises Applications
 Oracle Applications Software