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Brady Products

ECCS is proud to announce a partnership with Brady Corporation, giving you easy access to perhaps the world’s largest portfolio in reliable cable, component and facility identification solutions.
Clear cable, component and ICT-facility identification can speed up troubleshooting and help avoid inefficiencies and human errors.
To support you, we have expanded our offer with:
• Reliable cable labels that will stay attached and remain legible. These include self-laminating labels for power cables and flag labels that minimise contact with fibre optic cables while maximising displayed data.
• Heat-resistant industrial grade labels in the best fitting sizes for your applications, including equipment, patch panel and asset identification.
• Tough facility identification solutions to increase productivity and safety including floor marking, warning signs, pipe marking and rack marking.
• Industrial label printers and practical label design apps so you can quickly create cable and component labels in the field or at your premises.
In addition to our ICT services, ECCS will offer the above cable, component and facility identification solutions with the technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility you are used to.
For more information on these solutions please contact us.

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