Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® provides core operating system functions and capabilities for application infrastructure.

Product Features
On-ramp non-Linux users more quickly without the fear of the command line

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 lowers the barrier of entry to Linux for transitioning Windows administrators and Linux beginners with enhanced usability and familiar, intuitive deployment and management interfaces.

Highly secure platform for cloud infrastructures and emerging workloads like machine learning

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 lowers the barrier of adoption to new technologies like GPUs while minimizing the attack surface by only deploying the packages you need to support your workload.

A seamless, non-disruptive migration process for existing RHEL deployments

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 enhances the application migration process from earlier Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 versions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 so you can take advantage of the latest innovations.

Faster and more consistent delivery in any deployment footprint

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 features proactive, automated, and targeted resolution to ensure a secure, reliable, efficient and scalable infrastructure environment. Red Hat Insights is key here as well as new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 configuration and deployment features.

Fastest time to "Hello World"

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 comes with streamlined access to high-quality open source development tools. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 delivers more versions and more updates of supported, popular open source language frameworks and databases.

A leading partner for Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and machine learning workloads

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is optimized to support your critical database workloads as well as support leading ISV applications and workloads.

Ease the transition and power the adoption of containerized workloads

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 powers the entire Red Hat hybrid cloud portfolio, providing everything from low overhead tooling for development and deployment of containers within the OS to the CoreOS and RHEL based worker nodes in OpenShift deployments.


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